Multifunctional greenhouse device with light and heat source

1. What makes the Mesled technology unique?

Core element of the Multifunctional Energy System powered by LEDs (Mesled) is a water-cooled LED light with an increased reliability and lifetime of the artificial lighting system. This is a tailor-made feature relevant for an optimal sustainable operation of each greenhouse. Captured waste heat is optimally utilized in various regimes adjusted to weather conditions.

Patented principle

Virtual insulation

Mesled's virtual insulation is a revolutionary tool maximizing the efficiency of the greenhouse' s winter operation. Warm air blown from the top of the greenhouse creates an active thermal barrier for radiant heat during the winter. Energy intensity of winter season may be dramatically decreased, since the heat is kept inside the greenhouse and the radiant heat loss is reduced to minimum. 

Negative impacts of global warming are highlighted in greenhouse, where the temperature rises even higher than outside. The heat wave is getting stronger every year and affects the food security. Mesled system has an ability to utilize a free underground cold to tackle these conditions and to cool down both the farming space and the LEDs. The double cooling feature adapts agriculture to climate change and supports food security in many countries with warm climate. Technology maximizes efficiency of the cooling process due to a suitable utilization of thermal gravity principle.

Air conditioning

2. What are the advantages?

significant cost savings via efficiency maximization

simplified maintenance and installation of technology

daylight shading minimalization

higher crop production

sustainable artificial LED lighting

operational costs reduction

return of investment in several years

3. Four devices are replaced by one Mesled technology.

Mesled is a new way to maximize the uptime of the technical solution you invest in.

4. Game-changing multifunctional technology.

Technology for both cold and warm climate.